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Your entire store, always in view.

StoreKeeper manages the entire stock, machines and tasks. In this way, you and your employees always know in real time, where the material is located and which tasks have to be processed.

Automatic inventory

By means of the continuous management of tasks and the automatic reservation of materials, which are required for created tasks, StoreKeeper automatically offers a continuous inventory, which is accessible at any time and always up-to-date.

Residual material management

Residual materials (in this case residual sheets) are automatically assigned with a number and may already be registered at the time of creating the task. Should the residual material have deviating dimensions after the processing task of the whole sheet, the machine operator may correct these subsequently. Appropriately, a nesting software may be integrated.

Everything at a glance

The store is clearly illustrated by means of a current layout. The real store structure is positioned appropriately with its stock on this layout. You may follow all store movements in real time.

Perfectly interlocked app

StoreKeeper includes a smartphone app for machine operators, forklift drivers and employees in the arrivals department. It sends all important data to the stationary desktop versions. Material is requested by the machine and populated in the arrivals department via the StoreKeeper app.

Runs on every computer

The StoreKeeper app was developed in a web-based manner and can thus be used on every computer. The only requirement is a reliable connection to the local network.

Task management in real time

All tasks are entered in a timeline in processing sequence with the expected duration. The sequence may be manipulated by means of higher priorities. Each change is transmitted to all users within seconds.

Log function

A log entry is created immediately for all actions triggered manually as well as automatically. In this way, each click is always traceable; no matter if it is a task or a material movement.

Personal user accounts

All employees get their own password-protected user account. Each account may be provided with the appropriate access rights according to his role within the company.

Frequently asked questions

You have questions? We have the answers.

Is a connection to my existing ERP system possible?

Yes, a connection to your existing ERP system is possible. We will coordinate the precise nature of the connection and the technical details with you.

On which systems does StoreKeeper run?

The StoreKeeper interface is completely web-based and works in all current versions of Chrome, Firefox and Edge. The StoreKeeper app requires Android 4.4 or newer.

The StoreKeeper server is tested under Ubuntu 16.04, is generally compatible with each current Linux or Windows server.

Which requirements does StoreKeeper pose for my IT infrastructure?

A server with MySQL database (at least version 5.6) is required for the StoreKeeper server. A WLAN network is required for the use of the app via tablets and smartphones. We will be happy to advise you in the implementation.

Can you also use StoreKeeper without the app?

Yes, there is also a purely web-based version. This includes a user interface for manual stock change.
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